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Linux Generation

Linux has arrived on the scene as a viable alternative to Windows and proprietary UNIX systems

As the Linux platform continues to evolve and address changing business computing needs, many organisations currently on Windows platforms are turning to Linux to run their new client and server business applications.

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As you are getting the unique name, thus it may provide you an identity of complete web hosting solution provider. Basically reseller hosting comes with Web hosting control manager. The provider allows you to create and plan your own hosting plans and sell them with excellent web hosting control panels like c panel to your clients Like the Iteam who does It Support Calgary , they happen to be linux specialists .
Reseller hosting is suitable for those people who are hosting several no. of websites, because with the help of reseller hosting, they are able to manage all their sites, under one hosting manager and by this they are able to provide better service and good support to their clients. By providing customer satisfaction, they grow faster and gain competitive advantage over others. If you are looking for other great computer services in Calgary like Search engine optimization call MRC SEO consulting

Linux Reseller hosting features

  • Linux Reseller hosting allows you to have a full control over your site, thus allows you to add, edit, delete and manage websites quickly and easily.
  • The website which you host has its own control panel, which reduces your workload and thus your website can be manage easily.
  • To be a reseller, you don’t require any technical knowledge. Your provider keeps your sites 100% online all the time.
  • The website which you host has full access to the powerful features, with no additional or hidden costs.
  • Most of the providers offer their reseller hosting on the latest server technology from Dell or Super micro and provide you with very good data centre facilities.
  • It provide another advantage i.e. it help you to save your time and money, by maintaining servers for you.

Cheap Linux reseller hosting providers

Calgary SEOThere are so many Linux reseller hosting providers, available in the market, but our need is to find the cheap ones, so see below.

B4U India

B4U India is consider as one of the cheap Linux reseller hosting provider , which offers four plans –LR-A, LR-B, LR-C, LR-D. Now if we talk about their features, then some features are same in all the three plans and some are different, such as Disk space,LR-A offers disk space of 10GB, LR-B offers 20 GB, LR-C offers 50 GB, LR-D offers 100 GB. If we talk about bandwidth, then first one offers 100 GB per month, second offers 200 GB per month, third and fourth plan offers 1000 GB per month. There are few same features, offer by all the four plans such as 30 Days Refund Policy, 99.9% Network Uptime, cPanel Control Panel, Unlimited MySQL Databases, Unlimited Email Accounts, Unlimited Sub domains, WHM Reseller Panel, HTML, SHTML, PHP, CGI-bin, POP3, SMTP, IMAP Support, Fantastico Script Installer, File Manager, Website Stats, Image Magic Support, Unlimited Email Forwarders, Unlimited FTP Accounts, Weekly Backups and many more. Price of LR-A is Res.649 per month, LR-B is Rs.1149 per month, LR-C is Rs.1499 per month, LR-D is of Rs.1999 per month.

SEO Guatemala

Guatemala is a country where SEO its an small business since all the companies use most of the time Social media marketing tools, SEO Guatemala can be only used by companies on a high demanding niche, we recommend Think Twice SEO for your SEO needs in Guatemala.

2GB Hosting

2GB hosting is also consider as cheap Linux web hosting provider. It has various plans, which are classified on the basis of their disk space capacity. First and second plan consist of 10 GB disk space and their respective yearly payment are 1500/- and 2999/-, third plan consist of 20 GB disk space offers all their features at 2250/- fourth plan consist of 40 GB disk space offers at the price of 4794/- and fifth and last plan consist of unlimited disk space offer their features at the price of 6999/-. All the plans offer various features such as unlimited e-mail accounts, unlimited MY SQL Databases, high quality site templates, c panel, anti virus and anti spam, free site builder, unlimited sub domains, free e-commerce, fantastico, 24*7*365 support, search engine submission, PHP5, PERL, AJAX, Ruby on rails etc.

Keltech hosts

Next Linux cheap reseller hosting provider is Keltech hosting. It has three plans which offers features such as unlimited addon domains, unlimited MY SQL Database, unlimited E-Mail address, cPanel, database support, 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24 hrs supports, free domain, instant setup, reseller access and many more. They offer these features at Rs. 350/- per month, Rs.400/-per month and Rs.450/-per month respectively.

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Sleep Apnea Solutions

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